8 best Christmas gifts for beer lovers in 2020top_banner

8 best Christmas gifts for beer lovers in 2020

In this review, you will find 8 great Christmas gifts for beer lovers ideas. True connoisseurs of beer will be pleasantly surprised.

NutriChef Homebrew Mini Keg System - 64oz Stainless Steel Growler Tap


Mealivos Wooden Bottle Caddy, 6-Pack Beer Carrier


BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System


The best christmas gifts for beer lovers in 2020: Top 8 Reviewed

Christmas is a wonderful time when people visit parents and friends, spend time together and celebrate holidays. Gifts are an important part of this annual event. For those who know beer lovers, it is not always an easy task to find presents.

That is why here you can find reviews of various Christmas gifts for beer lovers. All of them are different and can bring comfort and new experience of enjoying this alcoholic drink.

NutriChef Homebrew Mini Keg – Best way to enjoy craft beer at home


Craft beer is very tasty when to enjoy it right after opening a new keg. To everyone who enjoys such a type of beer, it is difficult to preserve the same amount of CO2 after pouring in smaller bottles to drink it at home. Thus, NutriChef has wonderful craft beer Xmas gifts.

Mini kegs allow users to preserve the beer for a long time after pouring with maintaining the right amount of CO2. It can be draft, craft, and homemade beer. The unity is made of 304 stainless steel, which is compatible with food products. Moreover, it is a very reliable material, which will serve the gift recipient for many years.

The capacity of 64oz, which is almost 4 full pints. When the keg is full it can be a bit heavy, but you still can bring it while going for fishing, picnic, BBQ, etc. CO2 cartridges also do not require a lot of space and they are made of recyclable materials.

  • It is not difficult to use it;
  • Steel keg can be used many times, which saves money on using plastic and glass bottles to store wine;
  • It is easy to carry around;
  • The keg does not require a lot of space to store.
  • CO2 cartridges are not included in the purchase

Mealivos Wooden Bottle Carrier – Most convenient and stylish way to carry beer bottles


A lot of supermarkets sell 6 beer bottles with a plastic carrier. If you have friends that try to use fewer plastic containers and products, Mealivos has a nice present for them. Among simple beer gift ideas, a wooden bottle carrier is a nice option. It allows users to simply carry beer from supermarkets without polluting the environment.

The carrier has a classic vintage style. The steel handle perfectly fits in the hands and it is firmly attached to the unit. Moreover, it has a bottler opener. With this Mealivos carrier, your beer-lover friends would not worry about not taking or forgetting somewhere bottle openers.

The maximum capacity is six bottles, but their size does not matter. The middle divider can be adjusted or even completely removed. It allows users to carry not only glass beer bottles but also cans.

  • It is a nice Christmas present for men;
  • The carrier is made of fine woods;
  • Possibility to adjust or remove the divider;
  • Bottles fit nicely, which allows them to do not fall over.
  • The quality control is not always good

BeerDroid – Best gift for home beer brewers


To make beer at home is not a difficult task if you have the proper tools. However, most people think it is very difficult and require a lot of space. BeerDroid can easily change your mind. It is a wonderful choice among craft beer Christmas gifts. It allows users to easily brew beer at home.

The whole unit has a nice build with all the necessary features. With a help of a mobile app, you can adjust all the necessary parameters according to recipes. In the end, you receive a favorite beer taste with paying minimum attention. On the led display, you can also adjust parameters and change temperature.

  • Users receive packages of ingredients to brew popular types of beer;
  • You can monitor the brewing process remotely;
  • Possibility to create a set of parameters as recipes;
  • Allows preserving beer for long periods.
  • You will not make a lot of beer with it

USA Beer Cap Map – Suitable gift for beer cap collector


People who have started to pay more attention to beer like try something new to find favorite tastes. With a large variety of USA beer brands, it can be difficult to select the best drinks. However, each state has something to offer. People often try to find a specific brand from a specific state, or they even would make a trip to every place to enjoy local beer.

For such beer lovers, there is a wonderful gift. The USA beer cap map is a simple present, but it brings adventures. Its owners fill the map according to personal tastes, and they can see where they need to go to taste beer.

The map is made of fine wood materials, which a polished and safe to hands. Mounting nails come free of charge or you can hand it in the way you want. It is suitable for standard and twist-off caps.

  • It nicely fits different interiors;
  • Caps firmly fit the map;
  • It is thin but made of a sturdy wood;
  • The map is not heavy.
  • It is a rather delicate map and difficult to be delivered without damages

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go – Best gift to keep beer cold on picnics


Most beers taste much better when they are cold. Thus, beer lovers will appreciate a gift that allows drinking cool beer even in hot seasons. Asobu offers a container to place bottles and cans of beer. It has a smart design, which allows users to adjust the height to fit any type of bottle.

The overall build is made of fine materials like stainless steel and double-walled lightweight plastic. The inbuilt opener allows users to carry bottles and open them right before consumption.

  • It is not very heavy;
  • Perfectly keeps cold inside;
  • Comes into a nice gift box;
  • Protects bottles from breaking.
  • It is easy to scratch

MyFancyCraft Beer Mug Set – Best handmade present for beer lovers


If you like to enjoy a beer with your brides, you can give them handmade beer mugs. MyFancyCraft offers a set of 6 mugs. You can present all of them to one person or each to a separate friend. The overall design is very pleasing. The mugs are made of oak with stainless steel inside.

These handmade beer mugs can hold up to 20oz(0.6L) of various drinks. It can even be a tea. Users should also not to worry about washing, Wood is polished and covered with materials that protect mugs from getting wet.

  • Plenty of mungs per purchase;
  • Nice medieval design;
  • Mungs are made of sturdy materials;
  • A wonderful gift for groomsmen.
  • Takes up a lot of table space

Fizzics FZ403 –Best present to enjoy a bottled beer at home in a new way


Beer lovers love to watch how their favorite drinks are poured into glasses from beer drafts. With Fizzics F2403 you can make your friends much happier when they cannot visit pubs very often. Home and portable beer drafts are unique gifts for beer lovers. These devices can pour beer from bottles or cans.

The overall design is very simple. Right after unpacking, users can assemble it and start using it. You simply put the beer bottle inside and turn on the Fizzics device. It can be powered directly with a help of a USB or using 2 AA batteries.

A wonderful surprise to beer lovers is the possibility to get a nice foam. The first pouring method simply delivers deer into the glass, while the second one allows creating magnificent foam even from a canned beer.

  • With batteries, you can take it with you everywhere;
  • It does not require a lot of space for storing;
  • The draft improves the taste and flavor of beers;
  • It is made of food-friendly materials.
  • It is not easy to clean it properly

Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator – Best for keeping cold a lot of beer bottles


It often happens that people find a nice bottled beer at stores from time to time. With the possibility of storing it, beer lovers can visit supermarkets not so often. Euhomy offers a nice refrigerator for the beverage. It has various shelves, to keep bottles and cans of different sizes. You can adjust their height or even just take out.

Among beer lover gifts, it is suitable for those who like to collect various bottles and taste them on a special occasion. Another benefit is versatility. You can use the Euhomy refrigerator for other drinks like soda, champagne, tequila, whiskey, mineral water, etc.

Speaking about the design, it is simple and nice. It is made of reliable steel and glass materials that keep cold inside. With an LED control panel, it is easy to adjust the temperature. The fridge does not require a lot of space. Users can simply put it in a working cabinet without worries of disturbing sound. Euhomy works quietly.

  • Possibility to put bottle upright or laying on the side;
  • External heat does not influence the temperature inside;
  • The lowest temperature can be of 34F (1.1C);
  • Doors and feet can be adjusted.
  • Lights do not turn off automatically

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    1. These are realy the most unusual gifts for beer lovers: original mugs, dispensers for pouring a foamy drink, means for cooling beer and opening bottles, piggy banks for beer caps.

    2. I would say good beer from Amsterdam, Hugarden and Zhiguli, but there are no words about BAVARIA. If you take non-alcoholic beer, the closest thing to alcoholic beer is Bud.

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