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Easy napkin folding ideas for your holiday table

You can make aesthetic serving aesthetic with ordinary napkins. These are the main types of folding napkins for holiday dinners.

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The simplest and the most spectacular napkin folding technique with cutlery

It’s easy to show your good taste and enjoy your lunch by yourself. It is enough to know about serving rules and be able to create beautiful compositions from ordinary objects. This overview will replace an entire course of correct and sophisticated napkin placement. It contains examples and video instructions for creating compositions, explains the main advantages of fabric materials and the requirements of modern etiquette.

The perfect way to surprise guests with napkins and inexpensive gifts for wine lovers

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A real holiday lunch or dinner should be beautiful. This article is about the art of folding napkins in creative ways that will surprise guests and improve their mood. The video contains several 3D design options that can be done in a few minutes, as well as some tutorials on how to create roses.

Life hack: the day before the holiday, fold all the figures and put them neatly in a box. Before the celebration, you just need to put them on the table. To save time preparing for the holiday, see also gifts for wine lovers.

A pretty napkin folding in less than a minute

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Christmas dinner or birthday celebrations can be decorated with an elegant bow.

The outer outline of the napkin helps to make the date recognizable. It is a sign of attention that indicates good taste.

For better effect, you can create a box or bag in which additional accessories will be collected:

  • Ribbons and laces in specific a color. They improve the look when you have no time to tinker with special folding.
  • Rings that add value to the look. Metal napkin rings look especially good, but inexpensive. Beautiful plastic counterparts can also be found.
  • Dried flowers or plastic twigs. It is beautiful and stylish, especially when quality accessories are chosen. These can be wooden plaques with the wish of bon appetite.

You can make cute napkin folds, like in this video, only with the right choice of fabric and its composition

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The size of the fabric in England traditionally was 15 inches. They are suitable for complex structures. Modern products can be smaller, but always over 12 inches. This allows you to cover your knees if needed.

How to choose material:

  • The most expensive natural fabrics, such as linen, with the addition of cotton. High-quality cotton fabrics also look expensive and keep their shape perfectly. They are more difficult to be cared for, you have to remove stains regularly.
  • The best option is viscose or cotton blended materials with the addition of polyester or lavsan. If the proportion of the material is correct and the synthetic additive is less than 50%, then it will be easier to keep the products clean. They also keep their shape well.
  • For daily use, you can choose synthetic fabrics. They do not absorb moisture well, so it is worth supplementing them with paper towels.

The secret of cool napkin folding with using of three-dimensional space

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In addition, this form is convenient to use.

Observance of strict fold lines is noticeable in the video. The resulting napkin shape indicates the harmony of proportions and lines.
The most important value of the modern world has become attention and aesthetics. To make the table look attractive, the rules of proportion must be taken into account.

The second rule of placement concerns convenience. When a guest or the owner of the house stretches out his hand and the necessary items are under them, it is really convenient and pleasant. This way you can get a feeling of care and comfort. Therefore, a place is often chosen in the center of the plate, modern etiquette allows such an arrangement. So there is a feeling of completeness and waiting for a hot dish is easier.

The original napkin folding step by step will elicit compliments from your guests

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Modern traditions allow all cutleries to be left on one side of the plate or even on the top.

In the days of the aristocracy, it was customary that guests had to be as attentive as those who set the table. When the owner of the house first touched the napkin, it was a signal that they can start eating. Cutlery, spoons and forks had to lie on either side of the plate. Now it is permissible to place them on one side and even inside a fabric, as in one of the examples. In the resulting pocket, you can put a flower or a branch of a plant. It looks originally and improves your mood.

Pay attention to the precise choice of color to convey the festive mood

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There are several secrets of caring products. Standard information is indicated on the label. But with heavy stains, you can use additional additives; it is worth checking their presence, especially before festive. To make folding the napkins easier, you can add food starch or a special chemical during the last rinse. On your first attempts, you can use a ruler or practice on paper. Then you adapt and it becomes easy to do.

Color selection:

  • Bright hues can create a sense of celebration, this is appropriate for a family meeting. When company gathers around the same table, red or bright yellow can look tasteless and annoying. For example, for rose napkin fold pink, scarlet or white works well.
  • Floral colors show a romantic outlook on life. If you want sophistication, you should avoid using them. This is a great option for dining in a country house and meeting with friends.
  • Neutral calm colors are perfect for any occasion. It will be great if there are several colors. One basic set (gray, white and champagne) and one more with more refined colors (burgundy, emerald, purple).

The outcome

For those who are seriously into this art or blogging about it, it is worth constantly looking for new ideas for easy napkin folding. Interesting and new solutions can be seen not only on the pages of those who are engaged in needlework. Waiters, bartenders, cafe and restaurant pages can also suggest an idea. Origami folding is a constant source of inspiration and great skill training. Own attempts sometimes lead to new results.

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