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5 Best Home Brewing Kits of 2021 to Craft Beer at Home

A pre-packaged homebrewing kit includes all the tools & ingridients you need to brew your perfect beer right at home. Here’s our list of the best kits to buy in 2021!

BrewDemon Craft Beer Brewing Kit Signature Pro with Bottles


Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making 2 Gallon Starter Kit


Northern Brewer - Insulated Cooler All Grain Beer Brewing Kits


5 Best Beer Brewing Kits of 2021

Beer is a wonderful drink, which can be very tasty and low on alcohol. A lot of consumers enjoy it due to a great variety of flavors. Bottled beer is nice, but craft beer is much better. However, when you stay at home, there are no many opportunities to visit local pubs. Still, you can taste such a beer with the best home brewing kit.

There are a lot of products on the market and choosing the right kit is an important task. Here are reviews of popular options with a buyer’s guide, which will help you to select the best home brewing system.

Benefits of Brewing Beer at Home & Buying Brewer Kit:

  • You know the components and ingredients of the beer;
  • It is homemade fresh craft beer;
  • An interesting activity that does not require a lot of time;
  • Possibility to create your beer according to personal preferences;
  • Saves money on buying bottled and canned beer;
  • Various recipes to reproduce famous tastes;
  • Brewing kits serve as nice gifts to friends and beer lovers.

The Comparison Table

Brewferm Buckriders Belgian Beer Brewferm Buckriders
Belgian Beer

  • Material

  • Capacity

  • Number of Pieces
    More than 11

BrewDemon Craft Beer BrewDemon
Craft Beer

  • Material

  • Capacity

  • Number of Pieces
    More than 10

MoreBeer Home Brewing MoreBeer!
Home Brewing

  • Material
    Plastic, stainless steel

  • Capacity

  • Number of Pieces
    More than 13

Mr Beer Brewing Kit Mr. Beer
Brewing Kit

  • Material

  • Capacity

  • Number of Pieces
    More than 12

Northern Brewer Tools Northern
Brewer Tools

  • Material
    Stainless steel

  • Capacity

  • Number of Pieces


Brewferm Buckriders Belgian Beer – Best for Quality


If you are looking for the best beer brewing kit to even bottle drink, then you can be interested in the Brewferm Premium craft kit. It contains multiple pieces and equipment to brew favorite tastes at home. With 100 crown caps, you can fill in glass bottles with homemade beer.

Among components, you receive a large fermentation bucket and appropriate consumables. They offer you to make wheat Belgium bear. Wicked wheat is included in the purchase. Therefore, all you need to do is to mix all components and to wait. Brewferm does not require boiling, which makes the brewing process even easier.

Brewferm is also suitable for beginners. It has a manual with instructions, which are easy to follow. If you are not a new person at making beer at home it is possible to improvise.

  • All pieces come in a wonderful gift box;
  • It has the necessary equipment to control the quality of beer;
  • The manufacturer offers various recipes of popular beer tastes.
  • Plastic has to be cleaned very properly.

BrewDemon Craft Beer – Best for Simplicity of Use


Plenty of people consume beer regularly and they very much appreciate craft types. To enjoy them, while staying at home, BrewDemon offers the best starter homebrew kit. It has everything that is needed to prepare homemade beer without difficulties. You can even receive a taste very similar to Pilsner.

One of the key factors to make your own beer of decent quality are the consumable materials used for brewing. BrewDemon offers materials to have beer ready to drink in 14 days. Plastic bottles are also included in the purchase. When the beer is ready, you simply pour it and bring it whenever you want or just to conveniently store it.

You do not need to worry if you do not know how to brew your beer. There is a simple guide, which you need to follow. As a result, you receive beer of a nice taste.

  • It is easy to sanitize the conical fermenter;
  • All equipment comes in a lovely gift box;
  • It allows users to add additional ingredients to enrich flavor and taste.
  • Such beer cannot be stored for too long.

MoreBeer! Home Brewing – Largest Home Brewing Kit


Not every home brewery set requires a lot of space. Depending on your home, you can enjoy it in a garage or kitchen. The most important is to have all the necessary pieces and MoreBeer! can become your best home beer brewing kit.

In the beginning, you receive a reliable kettle and spoon made from high-quality stainless steel. It does not influence the drink during the brewing process. With two plastic fermenters, you can brew your own beer in larger quantities.

Sanitization and cleaning is also not a difficult task. With this purchase, you receive proper sanitizers and a brush. When everything is ready, you simply follow instructions to start brewing beer. When the drink is ready you can easily bottle it with a bottle capper.

  • Allows users to prepare homemade APA beer;
  • Stainless steel kettle is very durable and can be used a multitude of times;
  • It has the best beer making equipment you need at home.
  • Bottles are not included in the purchase.

Mr.Beer Brewing Kit – Best Small Batch Brewing Kit


When people think about making beer at home, they imagine large barrels and cellars full of huge equipment. It is much simpler. With Mr.Beer, the best small batch brewing kit customers can enjoy the process of making beer in their kitchens. It does not require a lot of space, and the largest piece of this purchase is a plastic keg, which can be placed everywhere, except under direct sun rays.

With the best rated ingredients, you also receive high-quality beer at home. Mr.Beer provides users with hopped mal, which you simply prepare with kitchen utensils and then place into the keg fermenter. The whole brewing process takes up to a month, while fermentation ends on the second week and you may taste it to see whether you need to wait more or not.

  • You receive carbonated beer with carbonation drops;
  • It offers a recipe of classical Golden Ale;
  • Nice kit to make small batches of beer at home.
  • The brewing guide is not complete to easily follow it.

Northern Brewer Tools – Best Home Brew Starter Kit


There are plenty of various tools to make beer at home, but if you prefer to buy something one time for many years, then you should pay attention to the Northern Brewer grain brewing kit. Among the best brewing kits, a mush tank and fermenter are made of stainless steel. Moreover, it has the largest capacity of other offers. It allows you to prepare plenty of favorite drinks, which you will not drink up in one evening.

One of the most convenient parts of the brewing tank is inbuilt thermometers. It makes it very easy to control the right temperature to prepare ingredients. The thermometer can also be removed to place tank inside the mash tun, which allows customers to prepare other drinks like liquors. Moreover, it is a convenient way to store all the brewing equipment.

  • All the materials and parts are made of high quality;
  • It allows to brew large capacities of drinks;
  • Full-grain brewing produces better tastes and flavors.
  • Tanks can be easily damaged on delivery.

The Buyer’s Guide

With a variety of brewing kits, it is important to know a bit more about the important points of the equipment you are going to buy. To brew beer at home is not difficult, but it is more pleasant when you have the best brewing supplies and tools.


The most important part of making beer at home are fermenter, kettles, tanks, kegs, and other containers. Their materials greatly influence how you will be treating and cleaning them, before making beer.

Stainless Steel
The most durable and reliable material that you can receive from the kit supplier. The stainless steel of the 304 series is compatible with food and drinks. It means that such a kettle will not influence the taste and brewing process. However, it is the most expensive.

Very reliable material, which you can easily clean. It allows preparing a large amount of brew and enjoying the process. The main drawback is the weight. After starting the brewing process it is not easy to move large glass tanks and they can be broken.

Plastic containers do not afraid of been broken. They are durable and can serve for many years. However, cleaning has to be very accurate. You should not scratch the inner side. Otherwise, sanitization will be more complicated.


While selecting a brewing kit, pay attention to the capacity of containers. Depending on your preferences and plans, it may be worth taking larger tanks. With more craft beer you can share it with more people.

Tips On Choosing Beer Brewing Kit & Process

  • When choosing the brewing set, make sure that it causes as little packaging waste as possible. The most sustainable is a brewing container made of glass that is reusable;
  • Depending on the set, you also need a grain mill, two large pots of 169oz to 203oz liters, a measuring cup, a sterile tea towel, a tall, narrow glass, a soup ladle, a sieve, water, sugar, and bottles for filling;
  • Swing-top bottles are best. You get about 135oz of beer and can easily fill it into eight 16oz bottles;
  • You should take your time when you try brewing for the first time. It took a little more than seven hours for the first fermentation;
  • You should use the multi-stage process for mashing. With the one-step process, the process takes about an hour less;
  • Be sure to read the instructions for use. Depending on the beer brewing set, there are differences and if you do not take a step or do something different than described, the brewing process can fail;
  • It is better to make the malt yourself and avoid finished malt extract;
  • Depending on where you place the fermentation vessel, you can listen to the fermentation process;
  • This is exciting and increases the anticipation of trying;
  • Take your time filtering. It has to be done properly;
  • In any case, let the beer rest sufficiently after filling the bottles.

To Sum Up

Making beer at home is fun, exciting, and tasty. With the proper equipment, it is not difficult to achieve the goal. Therefore, choose wisely and think twice.

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