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The Best Kegerators for Home Use in 2020

Kegerator keeps your beer cold & fresh while allowing you to dispense it through the built-in tap system. See what are the best kegerators available!

Ivation Full Size Kegerator - Universal Beverage Cooler


Kegco HBK309S-2K Full-Size - Digital Homebrew Kegerator


EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN - Full Size Dual Tap Tower


The Best Kegerators for Homebrewing

The most important thing in beer is … no, not taste (in this respect everyone has their own preferences), but the freshness of the drink. And if the normal storage temperature is not observed, then there will be no freshness and taste. Therefore, in this article, we will give recommendations on the choice of the best kegerator (cooler for kegs) and note why you cannot do without it.

Aggregate combines a cooling, carbonation, and beer filling system.

Methods for bottling beer from kegs

Keg beverages for home use is poured mainly in two ways:

  1. Using a kegerator. The keg in the kegerator is cooled to the ideal temperature (varies between 3-13 °C, selected depending on the style of beer), the beer is fed under pressure through the intake head and the dispensing column to the tap, while the volume released in the keg is filled with carbon dioxide, which prevents oxidative processes.
  2. Using a filling system with flow cooling. The beer from the keg is fed into a coil dipped in a container with a cooling liquid. Passing through the coil, the beer is cooled and fed to the tap for filling. When using such a system, the keg with beer is stored at room temperature and, therefore, overheats, therefore, when bottling, the beer is subject to excessive foaming. Oxidative processes are activated in overheated beer, and it quickly turns sour.

Any keg drink, from beer to lemonade, must be refrigerated. The temperature lowered to the required level protects its taste and prolongs the shelf life. Therefore, the best homebrew kegerator is suited for home brewing and true connoisseurs of a foamy drink.

Below you will see Best rated kegerators – our choice of kegerator brands.

The Comparison Table of kegerators for home use

Ivation Full Size Kegerator Ivation Full Size

  • Material Type
    Stainless Steel

  • Refrigeration
    Powerful 34°

  • Installation Type

EdgeStar KC1500BL kegerator EdgeStar
KC1500BL 15

  • Material Type

  • Refrigeration
    Temperature Range: 32-60°

  • Installation Type

Kegco HBK309S-2K Full-Size kegerator Kegco HBK309S-2K

  • Material Type

  • Refrigeration
    Wide T° range

  • Installation Type

EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN kegerator EdgeStar

  • Material Type

  • Refrigeration
    Temperature range: 32-60º

  • Installation Type

EdgeStar KC1500SSOD kegerator EdgeStar
KC1500SSOD 15

  • Material Type

  • Refrigeration
    Temperature Range: 32-60°

  • Installation Type
    On casters


Ivation Kegerator Dispenser Universal Temperature


This model have two taps for dispensing 2 drinks at once. This significantly expands the assortment with the same space requirements. The advantage of this best home keg system is that it has a CO2 bottle compartment. It can also accommodate one or two kegs. If you are using a 1/2 keg, then only one piece will fit in the storage. But if you need to install two kegs, you will have to pay attention to the container 1/4 or 1/6.

For cleanliness, it has a removable tray in which excess beer is collected, which will pour out of the glass.

The kegerator can be used as a built-in refrigerator. In case you are not going to pour beer for a while, it’s possible to turn it into a refrigerator. This is one of the best dual tap kegerator.

  • You can install 2 kegs at once;
  • If you wish, you can turn the kegerator into a refrigerator;
  • There is a temperature regulator;
  • The kegerator is made of stainless steel, which reduces energy consumption.
  • Small size. Suitable for home use or minibar only

EdgeStar KC1500BL


This aggregate is black, which allows it to look perfect in any interior. Due to the presence of removable legs-stands, the kegerator can be both an independent stand, so there’s possibility to build it into a bar counter.

This device has only one tap. Because of this, its scope is limited to the home or bar. But in the second case, this model is perfect for use with the most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids. Large internal volume allows for a large beer keg. In addition, there is room for a CO2 cylinder.

The crane tower has its own air cooling. This will keep the beer at the ideal temperature until it gets into your glass. You can enjoy the perfect taste of your favorite drink. This is one of the best value kegerator.

  • Cool black color;
  • The bottom air intake and stainless steel housing reduce heat absorption of the device;
  • The tower is air-cooled to keep the beer at the ideal temperature before entering the glass.
  • The tower only has one tap and you can only use this best home beer tap for one type of beer.

Kegco HBK309S-2K


The minimalistic design will make it look great in any interior. You can also install two kegs in the kegerator at once and not worry about not having enough beer. Installation of one keg is also supported. In this case, only one crane will work.

This unit is digitally controlled. You don’t need to turn the thermostat knob and think about the temperature inside the refrigerator. No, you just press a button and see on the screen how many degrees are inside the device.

Perfect preservation of cold will be ensured by a high-quality stainless steel body and a tightly closing reversible door.

The refrigerator can hold one 15.5 or 7.75-gallon keg. But if you take the smaller kegs – 5 gallons, then they will fit two at once. In this case, you can use both taps at once.

If you don’t have kegs, this best affordable kegerator can be easily converted into a regular beer cooler. To do this, remove the tower and put on a plug so that the cold does not leave the chamber. The set of the device includes two shelves that can be installed inside and place cans or bottles of beer on them.

  • Digital control;
  • Reversible door;
  • Wheels for quickly moving the device;
  • The ability to install two kegs at once;
  • Transformation from kegerator to refrigerator.
  • Cannot be used for pouring coffee

EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN


This model of device has a stylish look, so it can be used as a home device. The built-in refrigerator is designed for one or two kegs installed at the same time. This is a very powerful device quickly bringing your favorite drink to the set temperature and will give you the opportunity to enjoy the perfect taste of any drink.

The kegerator has a bottom air intake. Thanks to this, it needs less energy for cooling. On the top surface of the device, there is a special tray for collecting spilled beer.

The device is ready for use again. There are special wheels at the bottom for easy movement of the device around the room. The wheels have locks so that after finding the ideal place for it, the device could not leave on its own or it could not be accidentally moved.

If necessary, you can take away the tower and use the kegerator as a refrigerator. For this, a special cover is included in the kit. Remove the tower and put on the lid. Then install the special wire shelves that are included in the package. Now you can place inside cans and bottles of different beverages instead of huge kegs.

  • 2 beer taps. 2 kegs inside;
  • Cooling for the tower;
  • Electronic temperature control;
  • Reversible door;
  • Wheels for easy movement of the device;
  • Removable drip tray for spilled beer.
  • Suitable for home use only. If you need a kegerator for a bar, check out the other, larger models.

EdgeStar KC1500SSOD


This is a homemade one-keg device that will make you enjoy your favorite drink anytime.

EdgeStar is made of stainless steel. Special foam is used as insulation. Thanks to this combination, the set temperature remains in the refrigerator for a very long time. It also greatly reduces the cost of paying electricity bills.

Below the kegerator stands on casters and has a long power cord. Thanks to this, you can roll it out in the middle of the room before a party and all guests can easily walk up to the device to have a glass of delicious beer.

At the top, the kegerator has a removable drip tray for spilled beer. It is very easy to remove and wash. There is a low side along the perimeter of the upper part. It is very stylish but allows for increased security. Now, if you are not careful, the glass will not fall to the floor or break, but will stop, leaning against the side.

  • Electronic thermostat with different programs;
  • Stainless steel body;
  • Cooled tower and lower air intake;
  • Can be converted into a refrigerator for cans and bottles;
  • Removable pallet and safety side.
  • You can install only one keg

Buyers Guide

Benefits of using a kegerator

  • Chilled beer carbonizes quickly and efficiently;
  • Chilled beer does not foam excessively when bottled;
  • The shelf life of beer is increased to 3 months;
  • The keg is not exposed to temperature changes, so the beer retains its taste;
  • The cost of a liter of keg beer is significantly lower than the cost of a liter of bottled beer;
  • In home brewing, the kegerator is often used as a refrigerator for the fermenter. Lagers are fermented at low temperatures, usually between 9-14 °C, and ales at higher temperatures, in the 16-26 °C range.
  • There can be several types of beer on the tap at the same time: there are kegerators that allow pouring 2-3 varieties at the same time;
  • Getting rid of a heap of trash: if you are tired of bottles and cans neatly stacked “for disposal” near the table in the living room.


Knowledge what is the best kegerator will help you to:

  1. Make a splash at parties. Your guests will be drawn by a magnet to this mysterious and intriguing device.
  2. Eliminate embarrassing walks to dumpsters with a bag full of clinking beer bottles and judgmental glances from neighbors.
  3. Eliminate the need to search for an open store at night to continue the party. A 19-liter keg replaces 40 0.5 liter bottles of beer in volume!


It is convenient to have a kegerator if guests often come to you or you often host parties. Filling a keg is more profitable than buying cans/bottles of commercial beer in a supermarket and beer in kegs is often much tastier than bottled beer.

The main types of affordable kegerators

In home brewing, the most popular are small models of freestanding kegerators, as well as stationary kegerators, which can be conveniently installed in the kitchen next to the dishwasher, sink, etc.

Freestanding kegerator

It’s the most popular type. Do not want to equip a home bar, but you need to store foamy drinks somewhere? Then this option is perfect for you. Most people prefer models on wheels: they are easy to move and put at any convenient point in the room, roll out into the fresh air, and roll them up at the end of the party. The freestanding kegerator is cheaper than other models and requires less space than others. The disadvantages include less wear-resistant material from which the device is made. Compressors can be noisy.

Embedded kegerators

These are stationary models. Put such a unit in the kitchen once, made a bar counter, and forgot. Also, a tower with taps can be placed on the kitchen work surface. The disadvantages include a higher price, as well as the inability to move.

Desktop mini kegerator

It holds a small volume of beer (about 5 liters). The main advantage is absolute portability, small size and very attractive price. The disadvantages include the small volume of used kegs, as well as the difficulty of finding such a container.

Best value when choosing a kegerator

Pay attention to:

  1. Correspondence of the size of the equipment to the size of the installation room.
  2. Correspondence of the KEGs that you are accustomed to purchasing to the parameters of the device: the kegerator model can be both universal and suitable for any KEG, or specialized for containers of a certain brand.
  3. The number and volume of KEG.
  4. The presence or absence of additional functions, for example, displaying indicators on a digital display.


Kegerators are the best helpers in home brewing Why must you buy the best home kegerator? Such devices are designed with homebrewers in mind: wide temperature range allows to use it as a refrigerator for fermenting ales and lagers; carbonation of beer in kegs installed in the kegerator occurs very quickly and efficiently; installation of kegs of various types is possible.

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