Most popular tools for kitchen home bar. Troy Bennett

My name is Troy Bennett.

I am a professional Sommelier. (For those of you that do not know a Sommelier is a knowledgeable wine professional who would work in the world’s finest restaurants)

To get my education for this profession I went to Europe and studied at the Escuela Española de Cata Spanish Tasting School in Madrid, Spain. I also studied for a diploma at the European Bartender School (EBS) in Dublin, Ireland.

In recent years, I have done more than a thousand consultations on the selection of tools for the Public House industry (The Pub) and I have realised that the time has come to start my own blog.

I think to get a good understanding of a topic you need a blog

As a child I helped my father with his small bar and now I have opened my own. In my business it is important to be able to communicate and to be open with others. That’s why it’s nice to see new visitors on the website.

For me interest in alcohol drinks is a manifestation of good taste. It is a life experience and the ability to see the beauty in the details. It is a real pleasure to find people with the same hobbies and be helpful for them.

Most popular tools for kitchen home bar. Troy Bennett 2

My clients often ask me, “What do you think will help me to be good at preparing beverages and owning a bar?

And for everyone I have a personal answer:

● I think we need experience;

● Do not be afraid to experiment;

● Pay attention to the aesthetics and design of the bar and kitchen;

● Read articles written by professionals and discuss them with friends.

In my blog I will not only talk about the fundamentals. I will inform you about new gadgets and devices it is worth keeping up with the trends. It helps to get ahead of the competition, surprise friends and to be a real pro.

I spend a lot of time looking for quality products for Sommeliers, bartenders, café and restaurant owners. I am also well skilled in decorative items and in items for the production of Craft Wine and Beer.

It will be my pleasure to share my skills and experience on my blog with those who are keen on winemaking or like to tip drinks.

Most popular tools for kitchen home bar. Troy Bennett 3

My blog will be interesting for those who:

● Collect wine, beer, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages;

● For those who have a small family business such as a small bar;

● Love tasting and wants to know more about drinks.

Also for those who:

● Creates homemade wines or beer;

● Wants to surprise guests with their home bar;

● Love sophisticated serving and home decoration.

Being an expert in your profession or hobby is not difficult when you are constantly communicating with others who share the same interests. Reading reviews and articles on your hobby topic is incredibly exciting. Therefore, I collect not only the things that surprise and delight me.

In my articles I will also write a lot about products that make my work more professional.

Good taste gives the pleasure of drinking. There are always devices and trendy goods on the trading floors.

You will be the first to learn about the best novelties with me and my blog!