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8 Best Christmas Gifts For Wine Lover In 2020

Christmas is a wonderful time when people gather to celebrate holidays. Gifts are a way to express care and attitude to a person. Therefore, it is very important to find the right gift.

Huski Wine Cooler - Keeps Wine Cold up to 6 Hours


Uncle Viner - Electric Wine Opener Set with Charger and Batteries


vSpin - Active Wine Decanter, Hand Assembled Electric Wine Aerator set


8 best christmas gifts for wine lovers with which you can surprise your friends and family

If you have wine lovers such tasks become more exciting and complicated. On the market, you can find a great variety of products. To make the right choice you should know more about wine. In case you prefer other drinks, here you will find wonderful wine gifts for Christmas.

An alternative option is to get to know what items the target person lacks. You may try to remember the last wine drinking time and what utensils have been used. With this list, you will figure out what will become nice Christmas gifts for drinkers of wine.

Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener Set – Best for effortless opening of wine bottles


Wine drinking always begins with bottle uncorking. With the right tool, this step is much easier. Uncle Viner offers a wonderful set as a gift. It has a foil cutter to prepare a bottle for a corkscrew. With an electric opener, you do not need to struggle to open tough bottles. It is chargeable and customers receive spare batteries.

Most wines need to breathe some time in order to get a better taste of it. With an aerator, you simply insert into the bottle and pour wine. Moreover, there is a stopper to preserve wine for other times. All of the pieces make a wonderful wine Christmas gift to those who need such utensils.

  • Customer receive multiple pieces within one purchase;
  • Electric corkscrew is very helpful to people that do not have the strength to open a bottle;
  • It is a nice gift a Christmas time;
  • This set comes in a nice gift box.
  • It may not hold the charge for a long time

Home Euphoria Natural Bamboo Board Set – Everything to prepare snacks for wine


In most cases, wine lovers enjoy drinks together with some snacks. In order to cut cheese, sausages, and baguette you need a nice knife and board. During trips, it is not very convenient to carry large utensils. Therefore, Home Euphoria has prepared good Christmas gifts for wine lovers.

In this bamboo board set, you have everything is needed. With small 4 knives of stainless steel users easily deal with various types of cheese. With an inner drawer, there are no worries about carrying knives separately or forgetting them. There are different ways of application, which depend only on your imaginations. All the set parts are dishwasher safe, which makes it an even better gift.

  • A wonderful gift for wine and cheese lovers;
  • Great portability improves picnic quality;
  • All the pieces are made of reliable materials;
  • Knives are sharp enough to cope with various products.
  • It is not easy to clean the board from fat stains

Tilvini Leather Wine Bag &Tumblers – Most convenient for picnics


It is a great pleasure to enjoy wine outdoors. Eating outside and picnics is an important part of life for many people. In fact, during Christmas time, it is not always warm enough for such events, but you still can make nice wine Xmas gifts for other seasons.

Tilvini understands the importance of maintaining proper wine temperature. With its leather wine bag, consumers can do not worry about bringing large cooling boxes full of ice. The inner side is made of a thermal lining that preserves cold. Moreover, it is able to protect bottles from accidental hits.

In addition to the bag, you receive wine tumbles to enjoy wine outside. They are made of stainless steel, which does not interact with the wine and it is very easy to wash, even in a dishwasher.

  • It is very practical to carry a manual corkscrew and other small utensils;
  • The bag can be used for other products and bottles;
  • A nice choice for hiking and picnics;
  • It is made of fine leather and steel.

Lear can make your back sweat during hot seasons

PIXHOTUL Burlap Wine Gift Bags – Easiest way to prepare a gift


To prepare a Christmas gift means not only to buy the item itself but also to prepare a nice package. With friends wine-lovers, it is not difficult to find a nice bottle. To make such a gift more special Pixhotul has fabric bags. They can be of different colors to suits the color of wine or other drink.

All materials eco-friendly and bags can be used multiple times. By getting this set, you will be able to prepare multiple holiday wine gifts for your friends.

  • Bags can be washed;
  • Nice and simple to use design;
  • Good quality for its price;
  • It helps to protect bottles from dust.
  • It is not easy to clean wine stains from bags

Puzzled Alexander Wine Rack – Best for comfortable wine storing


Wine lovers always find various places at home to store wine bottles. Quite often, they take a lot of space in kitchen drawers. To help your friends Puzzled offers Alexander wine wrack. It is not large but allows users to keep up to 8 bottles of various drinks. A flat top surface can be used as a small table for glasses, decanter, corkscrew, and other utensils.

The wine rack is made of fine wood in the shape of a barrel. With such a design it easily fits various interiors at home and bars. That makes it a nice Christmas gift for wine fanciers.

  • It helps to keep wine bottles in a proper position for many years;
  • You can place it on the floor or countertop;
  • Nice combination of value and quality;
  • It is made of reliable materials.
  • It is quite heavy to carry personally

Huski Wine Cooler – Best way to have a wine of the right temperature


Keeping wine cool during the whole Christmas celebration is not an easy task, especially when outside is snow and inside very warm. Huski offers a wonderful wine cooler as a gift to wine lovers. It covers the whole bottle with stainless steel with a proper inner coating to keep cold inside.

The cooler design allows users to adjust the height in order to fit any bottle. It does not require ice and no condensation appears. It means that your hands will be dry while you enjoy nice wine. The items come in a nice gift box, which saves time on packaging.

  • You can carry the cooler outside for drinking outdoors;
  • Stainless steel of 304 series compatible with food products;
  • Nice Christmas gift for wine lovers.
  • It is not suitable for large and ide bottles

SEMAXE Novelty Wine Glasses – Most elegant set to enjoy wine


To enjoy the wine you need to have appropriate glasses. If your friends do not have them, then Semaxe has a nice option for you. The set of 4 lead-crystal glasses with unique pure tin ornaments will make dinners more elegant. All pieces are hand blown and manually decorated with centennial art heritage. It is a nice gift for a young couple, a wedding, or just friends who love wine.

In addition, you receive a decanter, which enhances wine flavors. It has a large capacity, which allows you to pour almost a whole wine bottle. Unlike others, it has a handle for convenient pouring.

  • All pieces are made of high-quality materials;
  • Elegant and classy style;
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Requires careful handling

vSpin Active Wine Decanter – Best Crystal Wine Decanter


True wine lovers know how important to aerate drinks before consumption. If you have such friends then vSpin decanter is a nice option for a Christmas gift. It is a special decanter, which spins and enhances wine with oxygen.

Users simply put it on the special base. It allows setting time and speed to manage when you need to have wine ready. The decanter is made of lead-free crystal glass, which is dishwasher safe and not harmful to people.

Active wine decanter comes in a simple but nice box, which you can easily decorate and pack for Christmas. The whole unit does not require a lot of space and can be easily placed instead of a wine bottle on the table. As it has an accumulator, you do not worry about wires on the table. Periodical charging allows users to enjoy aerated wine even during trips.

  • Reliable glass materials;
  • Very easy to unpack and start to use;
  • It has a manual about all buttons and options;
  • Decanter has a large capacity.
  • Batteries are not always of good quality

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