Best bar accessories to make your own denim bar or denim kitchentop_banner

Best bar accessories to make your own denim bar or denim kitchen

We’ll take a look at a few of the best bar accessories of denim style. High functionality and aesthetics of blue jeans will delight you and your guests for a long time.

ARAWAK BRAVE Denim Apron for Chef Kitchen "double denim"


GANKE - Jeans style napkin, Denim Pattern Placemats


SIMPLIHOME - Jeans blue chairs, Modern Height Stool (Set of 2)


Create a denim style for your home bar

To enhance the look of your kitchen or bar, you need just a few purchases to add a denim look. Professional interior designers know about this lifehack and know how to use it, so their services lead to an excellent result. When talking about textiles, you can think of curtains and pillows. Here are five unconventional ways to give a look of the sky and its color to your interior. This color and material evoke simplicity and therefore give a sense of simplicity.

GANKE - Jeans style napkin


Natural materials are now trend in design. Serving decoration can be considered as a special kind of art. A denim heaven napkin adds charm to a brutal men’s breakfast or bar snacks. When buying a heat resistant kitchen table, you need to consider more than just size and appearance. Another advantage of the products is that they can be washed and they retain their appearance. The interior combine natural colors well, for example, blue textiles and brown woods. It can be used as a chair or armchair cover or combined with blue paper napkins.

To choose such a product, you should pay attention to:

  • Density must be high to avoid slipping when cutting food;
  • Heat resistance of the material so as not to damage the table and other surfaces;
  • Make sure it is easy to wash.

ARAWAK BRAVE Denim Apron for Chef Kitchen "double denim"


In your bar, you can be an artist, sculptor or even a musician. This model has a headphone mount and correct position of the pockets. The upper straps do not fall off and are made with comfortable fit. The tightness helps to protect the body from sudden oil splashes or debris. If the neckline is chosen correctly, then it does not restrict movement for any body type.

A brutal double denim can become a part of the interior and become the favorite clothes of a bar employee. This is a product for women and men, who like to cook, make dough or make cocktails. For the owner of the bar, such aprons will be a profitable purchase and can even decorate the interior. To pick the right choice, you should pay attention:

  • Choose the exact size;
  • Good pockets and tool holders;
  • Beautiful straight lines;
  • Many pockets;
  • Special loop for a towel;
  • Pocket for your phone.

MEEMA Kitchen Towels Jeans style


True sustainable design must be eco-friendly. These napkins truly hold 20,000 liters of water and are made from recycled denim. They can be hung on the wall to decorate the wall. It brings back the feeling of home or grandma’s kitchen. Functionally, this is a great way to quickly remove the moisture, as rapidity while cooking matters. They are pleasant to the touch; this adds not only aesthetics to the cooking process, but also comfort. The set contains five pieces and you can change them as they get dirty.

When choosing the towels, it is important:

  • Good absorption of moisture and water;
  • Appearance;
  • Combination with the general style and decoration of the kitchen or bar;
  • Convenient size.

SIMPLIHOME - Jeans blue chairs


This is a real trend in bar decoration as they combine natural materials. Contemporary Scandinavian or Art Nouveau style for a trendy bar or kitchen. High seating requires a combination with a high table or bar counter. Many upholstery colors allow for a natural shade. It can match, but it is better if the color is combined with other textiles. For the owners of bars and cafes, such an acquisition improves the mood of the visitor, due to the anatomical position of the back.

While choosing, pay attention to:

  • Color of upholstery;
  • Sustainability;
  • Metal footrest;
  • Matching colors of legs and table.

PHLONA - Soft Adult Face Mask Denim


Even in 2020 you can be fashionable! We offer to choose protective masks for the jeans bar. Accessories provide a stylish look and masks have become a new opportunity to show your aesthetic taste. It is a pleasure to follow the rules wearing protective accessories. It is also a good gift for your friends and a good health wish. Such mask will perfectly match with your favorite jeans blue pants or shirt.

The most important selection principles:

  • Safety of the mask, the presence of a filter or filter pocket;
  • Wearing comfort;
  • Safe dye of fabric;
  • Right size.

The outcome

Use double denim carefully to preserve a beautiful interior. The excess of this material will make the room or bar look too rough. On the other hand, a small addition to serving makes the bar unique and enjoyable. This style is a real classic and almost everyone likes it, so it helps to attract clients and friends. The main and original idea is decorating not only the interior itself. This also can be employees' clothing, as well as auxiliary accessories.


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