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The Best Wine Preservation Systems to Keep Your Wine Fresh After Opening

A wine preservation system helps to keep your wine fresh during the time of storage. See what are the best wine preservers you may choose from!

Coravin Model Two Plus Pack - Wine Preservation System


Savino Wine Saver Preservation System


Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator


The Best Wine Preservation Systems: A Wine Lover's Buying Guide

The Best Wine preservers and other such technologies make it possible to store wine without losing its taste, natural smell, and flavor over a wine drinker’s use cycle. Because wines are in a sense, storage items, they tend to get better as they age.

As a result, for many wine lovers, (and perhaps yourself) identifying and purchasing the right storage product more often than not, the difference between a long use cycle, with fresh wines and great taste and a short one with plenty of waste and lost resources.

If you’re a connoisseur or enjoy wines casually, wine preservers, wine decanters, and other such technologies are something you might want to consider going forward (If you haven’t already).

The section below is a list of options that solve the problem of storage, preservation, and wine enjoyment in different ways for your convenience. Enjoy.

Best Wine Preserver: A Quick look

Coravin Model Two Plus Pack Coravin Model
Two Plus Pack

  • Weight
    98 lbs

  • Materials
    Stainless steel, ABS Plastic, Fiberglass

  • Pour speed
    5 Ounces/29 secs

  • Capsule life
    75 Ounces/capsule

Wine Squirrel Preserving Decanter Wine Squirrel

  • Weight
    2 lbs

  • Type

  • Material

  • Decanter
    Lead-free crystals

Sello Wine Preservation System Sello Wine

  • Weight
    6 Oz

  • Type

  • Key accessory

Savino Wine Preserver Savino Wine

  • Weight
    2.12 lbs

  • Type

  • Material

Ivation Twelve Bottle Wine Cooler Ivation Twelve (12)
Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Weight
    37.5 lbs

  • Type

  • Installation type

  • Full capacity
    12 bottles


Coravin Model Two Plus Pack - Best wine preserver for long term wine storage


If you’re looking to find a way to enjoy a wide variety of wines without committing completely before you’re certain of your choice, the Coravin model two is one that you might want to consider.

The Coravin Model Two can achieve this with its Teflon-coated, wine needle that stealthily, and neatly pierces wine corks without a trace – granting access to your wine bottle regardless of the condition of your cork.

Also, this function serves to protect your wine from oxidation by limiting exposure to air. If you’re interested in storing your wine over long periods without the risk of flavor, or color loss, you might want to consider this product.

Once this wine saver ships to you, you’ll also get access to its proprietary capsule-based technology which comes filled up with argon gas (99.9%), and serves to protect your wine for as long as you need – if it’s a priority for you.

In terms of performance, the Coravin Model Two-plus pack delivers a three-piece replacement set that is likely to serve the wine drinking customer for a long time as well as provide options for various wine bottle corks.

  • Comes with a three-piece needle set that delivers both range, and expert alternatives for cork opening;
  • Effectively limits exposure to air with a combination of technologies;
  • Modern and stylish device design.
  • An expensive option due to its adoption of argon gas capsules

Wine Squirrel Preserving Decanter - Best wine preserver for budget buyers


The Wine Squirrel preserving decanter makes it possible to store away half-finished bottles of wine, keeping them fresh for weeks after initial use.

Once you’re ready, you should expect to get a premium, 750 ml decanter, as well as a plunger that’s held in place (with the seal) by a magnet.

This product achieves this function by deploying its air-tight seal, which in turn, prevents oxidation, and the consequent flavor and color loss that results from this process.

Once this product ships, all that’s required is that you turn your wine into its air-tight decanter which is made out of lead-free crystals and can be used at dining, or picnic tables depending on your preference.

Depending on your preferences, all that’s required is that you insert the patented seal into the decanter, twist the plunger, and ensure that you engage the seal, then enjoy your wine.

The Squirrel wine preserver features a range of functions that ensure effective, short-term wine preservation and if you’re searching for a solution, you might want to consider this option.

  • Great aesthetic design;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Functions as a wine decanter.
  • Glass design makes it vulnerable to breakage

Sello Wine Preservation System - Best wine preserver for traveling


Sello Wine preservation system adopts a patented packaging system that uses cartridges to de-oxidize wine bottles, leaving stored wines fresh, and enjoyable – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Also, this wine preserver is based on a simple design – which fits into wine bottles and performs the preservative function without any parts that stick-out.

Besides, the Sello best wine saver comes in an ergonomic design that features reusability as a wine preserver and a dripless wine pourer.

Additionally, this product displays a considerable degree of range and serves well for both wines, liquors, (spirits) and beers.

Finally, the Sello Wine preserver delivers both range, and a simple design that works well at home, and in service environments such as restaurants, bars, etc.

If your purchase priorities are based on cost-effectiveness, the Sello wine preserver might be your muse.

  • Simple design;
  • Built for ease;
  • Good price.
  • Non-durable compared to other options

Savino Wine Preserver - Most durable wine decanter


If you’re a wine drinker and are searching for a durable, and effective way to solve this problem, you’re likely to get some value out of this product.

Also, the Savino wine Preserver stores your wine for up to a week. In other words, you’ll save some money for every bottle of wine you uncork and enjoy your wines for much longer.

Furthermore, the Savio wine Preserver comes with an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from eroding the quality of your wine after your first pour.

The complement of features that this product offers means that you’ll get at least seven (7) days more for every wine you open. Also, the Savino best wine saver is cost-effective and can preserve both white and red wine without any issues.

Besides, the Savino Wine Preserver is shatter-proof and can hold up to 750ml of your red wine, white wine, and all of your non-sparkling wine without spills or leaks.

Once it ships to you, All there is to do is pour your favorite wine into its plastic carafe, insert the air stopper, and replace the lid to save your wine – if the simplicity, durability, and effectiveness of this product are your priorities, you might want to consider buying this product.

  • Durable, and shatterproof;
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at;
  • Ultimate Wine Gift;
  • Suitable for both red wine and white wine.
  • Does not store wine for a long time

Ivation Twelve (12) Bottle Wine Cooler - Most effective UV wine cooler


The Ivation Wine Cooler is a compressor technology which ensures that the temperature of your wines is not impacted by the weather, and other such wine-destroying elements.

This product can reach low-enough temperature levels that contain your sparkling white wines with a 41° to 64° Fahrenheit range to ensure that your wines are as fresh as possible for as long as you desire.

Also, this product comes complete with a built-in fan that helps to maintain consistent temperature levels all through your wine storage cycle.

Furthermore, this product comes with a double-paneled glass door that not only helps with temperature regulation but also helps to prevent Ultraviolet rays from damaging your wine tannins.

Besides, if you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll get an energy-efficient LCD light that beautifully lights up your wine collection and protects your wines from the fading effect of other forms of lighting.

Next to having a wine cellar, the Ivation Wine Cooler comes complete with features that ensure you get as much gastronomic value from your wines as possible.

  • Easy access with touch controls;
  • Beautiful LCD;
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Costly product

Buyers Guide to Best Wine Preservers, Decanters and Coolers

When buying a wine preserver, some features are necessary to consider to increase the probability that you’ll get the best product fit possible, and a lot of value for your time, and money as a result. They include;

Technical build and design:

Whatever you do, you should make the effort to ensure that your product is ideal for your living circumstance as a misfit will most certainly lead to loss.

  • If you’re always traveling, a portable manual type such as the Savino decanter might be ideal while others who work close to home and drink wines heavily may opt for a wine cooler such as the Ivation twelve (12) bottle model.
  • The point here is, make sure to think about your routine and the things that affect your life before you make a purchase. While this might take some time, it will likely impact your use-value post-purchase.
  • In addition to this, it’s necessary to understand wine storage fundamentals such as the difference between vacuum type storage equipment, and gas types as that’ll put you in a much better place to buy the best possible product.

Longevity and ruggedness:

While wine drinkers are almost naturally aesthetes as well and lovers of the finer things, you might also want to make special considerations with regards to durability, and the use-value of your selected product.

  • As a rule of thumb, the more expensive a product is, the longer it will serve. While this is true for the most part, variables such as function, and frequency of feature use may play a part.
  • For buyers who casually, (and) or socially drink wine, cheaper models such as the Sello wine saver will serve well enough but for commercial wine establishments, the Ivation twelve (12) bottle wine cooler and the Coravin model two (2) may be more useful.


While the products on this list have been vetted for safety, should you decide to opt for others, you should make sure to research the materials that will come in direct contact with your wine.

Ensure that all plastics are food-grade and free of harmful chemicals. Where electrical components exist, make sure to follow user manuals to the letter after purchase, and during use.

Portability, utility, and ease of use:

When you decide to purchase a wine preserver of any kind, it’s important for you to consider your lifestyle and how it might affect your use of said wine preserver (This point is reiterated in the first part of this section).

  • If you’re constantly hosting guests, and picking between wines, the Coravin Model Two (2) and its stealthy, threading pins might suffice while a senior citizen might opt for a less complicated decanter like the Sello 2 for wine preservation.
  • Also, it’s important to audit variables related to ease of use such as the presence (or absence) of buttons, flow speed, manual/electric use, type of preservative gas used among other variables that will impact your experience.
  • If you’re shopping for a simple wine preserver, and nothing more, a portable, shatter-proof decanter such as the Savino might suffice while other personal inclinations and habits will demand other complementary features.


The Wine Preservers on this list are vetted and adjudged to be of sufficient use and performance value to thousand of users on the Amazon platform with hundreds of sterling reviews for each one. If you’re searching for the best wine preserver, a wine cooler, or any such product that can enhance the value of every wine purchase, extend the utility of your dollars and keep your wines tasting fresh, the sections above provide a list of products. Each product on this list offers specific value to you, and should you find one that satisfies your interest, you may opt for any or all of them depending on your inclinations. Furthermore, take some time to consider each product and ensure that it fits properly before you commit to a purchase. Also, you may read reviews, both positive and negative as they’ll provide sufficient context for an informed decision and most importantly, keep on enjoying your wines. Cheers.

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